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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What's Hot and What's Not in the Legal Market????

Thank you for viewing my blog. This post will give a brief overview of the current legal landscape in the State of Texas. What's hot and what's not?

What I am currently seeing in Texas, is that the hot practice areas are corporate transactional positions, IP positions, real estate and tax. Firms are falling over themselves for top talent in these positions. With the economy going strong there are a ton of merges and acquisitions happening daily, and each transaction requires many attorneys working on each side of the deal. With all the acquisitions and buyouts going on everyone is worried about their tax liability, so tax attorneys are in high demand as well. Even with the real estate market slowing down real estate attorneys are still a hot commodity. Also, since the economy is doing well and businesses are investing in themselves, the demand for IP attorneys is higher than ever. This is especially true in Austin and Dallas, which tends to have a lot of technology companies in the area.

So what is not so hot these days? That is simply, it is litigation. There are a ton of litigation attorneys looking to make a move, but no one is hiring. Every so often a position comes available but for the most part litigation is slow to say the least. There a number of reasons for this slow down. One such reason is because of Texas tort reform and the winding up of the asbestos litigation. Another reason litigation jobs are so slow is that most attorneys graduating in 2000, give or take a year or two went into litigation and no one was going into corporate. Now the economy is going strong there is a lack of corporate attorneys but a surplus in litigation attorneys.

So now you know what the top firms are looking for. If you are in litigation I hope you like your current position because you are probably not going to be making a lateral move anytime soon. Unless you are practicing in IP litigation. If you are practicing in IP, real estate, corporate or tax and want to explore the marketplace please contact me and I can start working on finding your new position today.

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